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radiation risk Risk linked to everyday exposure from natural radiation is commonly understood as minimal. However depending on geographical location or specific ionizing events, these can be greatly increased. Beyond the simple sum of natural yearly exposition, morbidity and mortality can also acutely increase because of radiation use in medical practice. Both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures commonly used in modern medical practice have indeed added a significant amount of radiation to our daily lives.
medical exposure Natural sources, as radon gaz or cosmic exposition, provide a measurable amount of irradiation. Thus not only one's geographical location but also one's altitude impact overall exposition. However, more importantly, human generated sources as those found in airport scans, but more importantly those resulting from medical examinations (CT being the most notable one) increase the overall exposition significantly.
risk vs progress While the progress in modern medicine is intricately linked to x-ray diagnosis and use of radiation for therapy, too much radiation does imply a new threat, from morbidity, and mortality due to cancer but also in respect to early cellular aging. Medical imaging (x-rays, CT, nuclear medicine, ...) has greatly increased the quality and potency of modern healthcare, but recent research reveals that we might be irradiating a bit too much, and that the negative effects might if not restrained outweigh the positive ones.
effects and tracking While the concrete effects of radiation are relatively well studied, the invisible nature of them makes it hard for one to understand, and even harder to keep track of. While the tracking of radiation exposure is essential to understand better the real impact to one individual, it is also essential to better tune our medical approaches to a global population.
rradarr applicative suite The rRadaRr application suite helps you keep track of medical radiation exposition. It not only offers more precise exposure calculation, but helps you recalculates doses to different organs and body regions. While offering a time-lined record of all your diagnostic expositions, it not only helps one individual to better understand his personal risk, but also professionals better enhance their practice. The combination of real-time information to medical study data through various comparative and analytic tools, not only enables a recapitulation of one's total exposition, but a better understanding of future exposure. rRadaRr is a one-stop shop radiation record, helping you better understand the risk to your, or your patients health, while indirectly helping to enhance radiation attached procedure.
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